Russisch für den Alltag oder für den Beruf

My name is Jana and I am happy to represent the Russian language and culture. I am a language teacher with 10 year-experience of teaching  at the university, at corporate courses, kids or just those who are curious and would like to speak the Russian language. Beside teaching, I have a degree in tourism and travel, that is why I like to combine lessons with the real life experience in the origin-country. At my classes i offer you the following programs:

  • General Russian (5 levels)
  • Business Russian 
  • Russian for service and hospitality workers
  • Russian for children

Additionally to the lessons, I offer you the organization of the following activities:

  • International exam of Russian (Certificate from Moscow State University)
  • short-term stay in a Russian family + lessons
  • study trips to Russia and Russian speaking countries of Eastern Europe